Is There a Concept of Soulmates in Islam? Remain chaste and ask Allah to send you a righteous and loving spouse. I have always wondered about love, marriage and destiny. Does Allah already put us in pairs soon as we are born? I will say about this everything has already known by god. ... Are our spouses already chosen according to Islam? ... for example who is your spouse. Re: destiny and spouse Who said that Allah has 'already' chosen your life partner? I cannot remember any hadith or Quranic verse that mentions the same. Allah has already written your spouse name. So, dont waste your time by looking for him/her through haraam means. Some say we have a choice of which path to choose but what you will find at the end of the path has been chosen for you by Allah. Originally uploaded by User: Are you amongst those that have been chosen? You Pray And You Pray Frustrating isnt it? You pray and you pray. You make long duas and just pour your heart out. Yaa ayyahunnamlud khoulou masakinakoum laa yahtimannakoum soulaimanou wa jounoudouhou wa houm laa yash `ouroun. Islam / Muslim - Christian Dialogue Forum General Category Islam - General Sex With Infants and Children in Islam "thighing" THE DEATH OF MUHAMMAD. by Silas INTRODUCTION Muhammad died in 632 A.D. Walyikumasalaam wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuh. Sister, I can understand your situation. But dont give up. Question: Is there any Dua that may be recited for a good marriage proposal? Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Q) Pourquoi des divegeances sur les dates de la naissance et de la mort du saint prophete Muhammad (saw)? 2. Surah Al Baqarah (The Cow) Name. Why the name Al-Baqarah? This is the Siba District Human Slaughterhouse in Homs, Syria. Predestined marital partner Is it true that Allah has already chosen our marriage partners before we are born If so where can I find information on th.. LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS AND ISLAM- WHAT'S RIGHT ... in the haraam way when Allah Ta'ala has already chosen ... you with your spouse, In Sha Allah. I understand everything isn't about destiny in Islam, but I've heard a lot about it in regards to marriage. "You have already chosen your wife. ... Muslim Spouse Selection Guide from Free Muslim Marriage Website. Be Pleasing To Each Other - After what pleases Allah, always seek to please your spouse, ... already know everything). Your future spouse has already been chosen for you by Allah. It doesn't make sense of you to cry over someone who doesn't belong to you. Your future spouse has already been chosen for you by Allah. It doesn't make sense of you to cry over someone who doesn't belong to you. 100 Pre Marital Questions. ... How do you think your spouse should spend ... as you are already mature and are adult. "How often I have wished you would marry one of your cousins. Praise be to Allah ... your fears. Allah has revealed in the ... a particular spouse in Jannah. Surah Ale-Imran (The Family of Imran) 1. ... "O Maryam (Mary)!