First Time Appointment with Pulmonologist. ... what to expect in first visit? I am new to the site and am looking for information on what to expect at my first ... My first visit to the pulmonologist ... Pattie good luck on your appointment. Here are some questions to ask your pulmonologist, ... and take it with you to your appointment. COPD: Tests and Diagnosis. ... especially if you havent been diagnosed with COPD. I first saw my doctor about it in ... what should I expect at a pulmonologist appointment? COPD Your doctor looks after your ... such as a pulmonologist, being open and honest gives them ... or friend to your next appointment. Here are some asthma specialists to consider: ... and who has completed three years of training after medical school. ... What to Expect From Your First Visit; First Cardiologist Appt- What to Expect. Thanks for your response. If you've been diagnosed with COPD, you may want to ask your doctor ... 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About COPD. Here's what you can expect. Your ... Find a Pulmonologist; Schedule an Appointment; Northwest Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Blog ... What to Expect from a Six-Minute Walk Test in Six-Minute Walk Test. COPD Stage 2. I have stage II COPD. I was first diagnosed 16 years ago. Preparing for an appointment . Your first appointment to check ... (pulmonologist). What you can do. Does anyone in your family have emphysema or COPD? Preparing for your appointment. You'll probably first bring your symptoms to the attention of your ... What to expect from your doctor. Support to look after your back. Being overweight may also affect your COPD. When you first start pulmonary rehabilitation ... What To Expect After Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can usually be diagnosed using a medical history and lung function tests, such as spirometry.